1. How do I place an order for Lumify?


To set up an account and place an order please call our Philips Lumify Support representatives at (844) 695-8643.


2. How do I change the method of payment or the credit card number for my subscription?


Please call your Philips Lumify Support representative at (844) 695-8643 to set up or change your payment method.


3. How do I get billed?


Billing begins ten calendar days after the date the transducer(s) were shipped to you. Your monthly billing cycle is based on that date. Philips invoices you for each month at the beginning of the monthly billing cycle. You are responsible to pay such invoice within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Alternatively, you may provide credit card information and authorize Philips or its authorized contractor to charge your account on a monthly basis. If the Lumify Service is terminated by you or by Philips, you must return your transducer(s) to Philips. Philips will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. If you do not return the transducer or transducers within 30 days of termination, Philips reserves the right to charge a per-transducer lost equipment fee.


4. How long will it take for my Lumify transducer to arrive?


Your Lumify transducer or transducers should arrive within two weeks of order placement. Larger orders may take longer, and actual delivery time is dependent upon product availability. Please call (844) 695-8643 if you have questions about your order.


5. What type of warranty is offered with the Lumify solution?


Your Lumify subscription is covered by a standard warranty that includes access to the support section of our Lumify portal, access to our Philips remote support experts, and coverage for your Lumify transducer against manufacturer's defects. Extended coverage is available through our Extended Protection Plan that provides you with protection against accidental damage, theft or loss.


6. What are the terms and conditions of the subscription?


The Lumify Service (or the “Service”) consists of (i) rental by you of one or more ultrasound transducers owned by Philips and (ii) the grant by Philips to you of a license to the Lumify software application. Please see the Lumify Subscription Agreement at www.philips.com/lumify-subscription-agreement.


7. Who owns the transducer?


Philips is renting ultrasound transducers to you for duration of this subscription. Ownership of the transducers is not being transferred from Philips to you. You must return transducers to Philips at the end of the subscription period. Philips will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. You are solely responsible for proper care and use of the transducers during the subscription period. The transducers may be new or used transducers that have passed all Philips quality control procedures.


Title to the transducers will at all times remain with Philips. You will not pledge, hypothecate, sell, lease, transfer, assign or otherwise encumber the transducers nor allow any liens or security interests or other rights in the transducers to be filed, registered, perfected, or granted in any way.


You will bear all risk of loss (including theft or damage due to fire, flood or other casualty loss) with respect to the transducers from the date of your receipt from Philips until the transducers are returned to Philips. All transducers returned to Philips must be in the same condition as originally provided to you except for normal wear and tear. If you do not return the transducers in the same condition (except for normal wear and tear), Philips reserves the right to charge you a per transducer “damaged equipment” fee in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000). An extended warranty is available to cover casualty loss at an extra charge.


Philips may remotely disable transducer functionality upon termination of your subscription.


8. How do I cancel my subscription?


To cancel your subscription to the Lumify service, please call (844) 695-8643. When you cancel your subscription, you must return your transducer or transducers to Philips. Philips will provide you with a box and prepaid shipping label. If you do not return the transducers within 30 days after termination, Philips reserves the right to charge you a per probe “lost equipment” fee.


9. Can I buy the Lumify transducer instead of subscribing to the Lumify service?


Yes, we offer several flexible options for acquiring Lumify! You can choose to subscribe for 1, 12 or 24 month periods, or purchase Lumify outright.

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