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General Hospital in Bangor, UK, reports a reduction in serious events by more than a quarter, a 74% reduction of ICU mortality of patients transferred to the ICU, and a

cardiac arrest reduction of more than 80% by incorporating Philips IntelliVue GuardianSoftware1.

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See how Philips early warning scoring technology led to a clinically significant reduction in patient codes, and no codes in the orthopedic unit, in the four years since installation at Saratoga Hospital in New York.
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At Bagan Specialist Center, a private hospital in Butterworth, Malaysia, Philips Patient Deterioration Solution was implemented to support vital signs monitoring in general care wards as a part of a hospital expansion project, supporting the reduction of code blue incidences by more than 50%.
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Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg in East Berlin introduced the use of Philips Patient Deterioration Solution on its general surgery floor with the goals of improving patient care and staff satisfaction. Sana often has a need to monitor our patients continuously and intensively during their first few days back on the ward and Early Warning Scoring is a tool we can use to detect changes to our patients' vital parameters in good time.
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Children’s Hospital of Georgia uses Philips’ automated early detection and warning solution to improve pediatric patient deterioration response. With the implementation
of the Philips system, Children’s saw a 75% decrease in pediatric early warning scoring (PEWS) inaccuracies on its pediatric medicine floor and was able to eliminate inaccuracies on its pediatric surgery floor. In addition, the Pediatric Medicine floor saw an 80% increase in pediatric emergency response team escalations, allowing clinical teams to provide timely, critical interventions for patients in need. 

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