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Adding innovation to the patient care experience

Augusta University Health (AU Health) was looking to increase capacity and enhance patient experience by improving their inter-department coordination and collaboration. They hoped new innovation would help to attract new patients.

The Philips consulting team worked with AU Health to create the new organization and implement operational improvement initiatives. AU Health achieved significant results, including:


  • Reduced Average Length of Stay (ALOS) from 6.11 days to 5.95 days 
  • Savings of $3.37 million from throughput initiatives
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Our Approach

The Philips team assessed technology utilization, care processes, and patient navigation. Several performance improvement initiatives were identified.

Philips recommended AU Health create a new Care Facilitation Organization combining the following departments:


  • Case management
  • Social work
  • Utilization review
  • Discharge
  • Bed management


A training program was established covering new processes, roles and responsibilities, system utilization, and more.

Finally, a multi-disciplinary, enterprise-wide approach was developed to enhance care coordination, increase patient throughput, and overall patient satisfaction.

The new Care Facilitation Organization at AU Health focuses on enhancing patient care coordination.


Philips helped Augusta University Health create the new Care Facilitation Organization and implement operational improvement initiatives to increase technology utilization and patient workflow.


These changes helped AU Health achieve:

  • Reduced Average Length of Stay (ALOS) from 6.11 days to 5.95 days since the beginning of the engagement
  • Savings / Benefit of $3.37 million over 7 months
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* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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Meet our team

Shyma Adams

Shyma Adams


Shyma supports the delivery of strategic consulting services using her expertise in healthcare performance improvement, project management, and data analytics. She has helped create and implement unique solutions for complex health systems.

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