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Improving the clinical pathway for Karolinska

Using our experience flow methodology Philips transformation consultants created a six meters wide overview of the stroke clinical pathway in the Stockholm County.


The poster contained the results of an intense three-week assessment that included gathering and analyzing data, interviewing and observing patients, ambulance personnel and staff at Karolinksa University Hospital as well as referring hospitals and rehab centers in the region.


The Philips transformation consultants then organized an open day and invited these stakeholders across the continuum to view and interact around their Stroke Careflow, creating immediate results that would not have been achieved with a standard powerpoint presentation.

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One immediate result was that the open day served as a catalyst for regular communications between Karolinska University Hospital and the regional rehab centers who had not been in frequent communication up until that moment.


Using real quotes from patients and staff made the poster realistic and actionable. Quotes from patients and family helped initiate an improvement initiative to better inform patients and family to improve the patient experience.


The Philips consultants developed business cases for the prioritized improvement opportunities. These are being followed up in collaboration with Philips or by Karolinska University Hospital either as quick wins or as longer-term research and development activities. 


Want to see the full designed careflow? Contact us and mention ‘careflow’ in the comments area.

Seeing ways to fundamentally improve stroke care


Read more about Debby Slye’s perspective on finding and influencing factors that impact patient outcomes in stroke

* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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Meet our team

Debbie Slye

Debbie Slye MN, RN

Global Clinical Lead

Debbie helps organizations deliver improved clinical care. Her expertise spans clinical care optimization, careflow automation, service modelling, and capacity and human resources planning. Debbie is an advanced practice nurse focusing on continuum-based care with expertise in multiple specialties and levels of acuity.

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