RTdrive MR prostate

Driving speed and consistency from imaging to plan.


You and your patients demand pinpoint precision, high clinical quality and consistency across the radiation treatment planning process. At the same time, you need to use your time and resources as efficiently as possible, to deliver the best possible patient care. Philips RTdrive MR Prostate is designed to accelerate and simplify radiation treatment planning workflows. As a result, you can perform repetitive tasks faster, freeing you up for more focused, meaningful work.

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RTdrive combines multiple elements including the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only simulation, Auto-Contouring and Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning, and allows you to generate high-quality treatment plans for prostate with fewer manual steps. Thanks to intelligent automation you can create plans in 25 minutes1 with minimal user input, saving valuable time and effort. This holistic approach speeds time from imaging to treatment plan availability and increases consistency across the treatment planning process - helping you reduce variability, speed time to treatment, and extend the reach of your resources.


Growing caseloads, higher patient throughputs, and increasing pressure on resources mean driving efficiency is a challenge in today's healthcare environments. The more time you can save on repetitive routine tasks, the more time you have for patients and to focus on value-added activities. RTdrive combines a number of individual building blocks, covering the entire workflow from imaging to planning. Together, they can help you streamline and automate prostate planning workflows, while remaining firmly in the driver's seat.

  1. Ingenia MR-RT platform, for high image quality, precision and versatility
  2. MR-only simulation of the prostate (MRCAT), for the provision of density information
  3. Auto-Contouring for Prostate, for automatic generation of contours of the prostate and organs at risk based on dedicated MR sequences
  4. Contour2Plan, for automatically setting parameters for initiating Auto-Planning
  5. Pinnacle3 P16 with Auto-Planning, for generating high-quality plans quickly with limited manual input

Ingenia MR-RT

Ingenia MR-RT is a dedicated MR simulation platform that provides high-quality, high-contrast MR images acquired in the treatment position. This helps clinicians benefit from MRI's excellent soft-tissue contrast for visualization of targets and critical structures and supports confident delineation. Designed for the needs of radiation oncology, this comprehensive solution offers the tools and software to work with the precision and versatility you demand.

MR-only simulation

Innovative MR-only simulation helps you rely on MRI as the primary imaging modality for planning your prostate cancer patients' treatment. Available as a plug-in extension to the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only sim provides the high-contrast anatomical MR images you can trust for target delineation. In addition, it delivers MRCAT (MR for Calculating Attenuation) images with CT-like density information for dose calculations, without the need for CT.

Pinnacle3 16 with Auto-Planning

Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning generates high-quality IMRT or VMAT plans on the first pass with limited user intervention. Auto-Planning reduces extensive manual data entry to just a few clicks, while enhancing plan consistency and quality.
1.  Tested in a non-clinical environment with single Pinnacle3 user and a 5-beam IMRT plan. Excluding time for optional manual adjustments.