MobileDiagnost Mobile digital X-ray system

This small, fast and flexible mobile digital X-ray system delivers quality diagnostic images on a managed budget. The superb ease-of-use and wireless workflow offers a wide range of diagnostic capabilities to a busy imaging department.

Easy access to tight spaces || Easy access to tight spaces
Easy access to tight spaces

Easy access to tight spaces

More compact than motorized systems, the small, lightweight form factor of the MobileDiagnost M50 gives you access to virtually every corner of the hospital including challenging spaces in the OR, ER, ICU, and general ward.
Ease-of-use with wireless workflow || Easy access to tight spaces
Ease-of-use with wireless workflow

Ease-of-use with wireless workflow

Save valuable time with the wireless digital detector. Perfect for free exams and in the OR table, it can be easily positioned to improve the patient experience. Real-time communication between the detector and the X-ray system is independent of your hospital IT network.
Wide range of diagnostic capabilities || Easy access to tight spaces
Wide range of diagnostic capabilities

Wide range of diagnostic capabilities

An available 32kW generator lets you confidently perform a full range of demanding exams including spine and bariatric cases. Special APR control permits an exposure time of just 1ms, capturing quality images with effective dose management.
3 clicks to a complete exam || Easy access to tight spaces
3 clicks to a complete exam

3 clicks to a complete exam

Equipped with a digital Eleva workspot, the MobileDiagnost M50 requires only 3 clicks to complete an exam. Eleva’s pre-sets and customized user profiles enhance your work environment and promote strong workflow continuity.
Superb post-processing || Easy access to tight spaces
Superb post-processing

Superb post-processing

MobileDiagnost M50 image processing algorithms are the same as those found in our premium X-ray systems. UNIQUE image processing automatically delivers consistently uniform clinical image quality for all anatomies by adjusting the balance between overexposed and underexposed areas.
Support features || Easy access to tight spaces
Support features

Support features

A bright collimator light and the source-to-image distance (SID) laser light option supports fast, accurate patient positioning and leads to fewer retakes. An integrated DAP meter is available to provide information you need for monitoring patient X-ray dose.
Exceptional price to performance || Easy access to tight spaces
Exceptional price to performance

Exceptional price to performance

The lower price point of the MobileDiagnost M50 makes it a great option for smaller clinics or facilities looking for a single system to cover most application needs. It’s proven digital imaging chain enables fast, quality images without the time and expense associated with CR systems.
Proven quality and reliability || Easy access to tight spaces
Proven quality and reliability

Proven quality and reliability

Designed for a lifetime of reliable operation, the MobileDiagnost M50 is based on Philips established history of medical imaging innovation, supported by a global service network to help ensure continuous uptime and productivity.


  • 16kW (16kW)
  • 32kW (32kW)
  • High frequency
mAs range
  • 0.1-110 mAs (12.5% steps)
kV range
  • 40 - 125 kV (1kV steps)
mA range
  • 50-200 mA (16kW)
  • 50-320 mA (32kW)
Exposure times
  • 0.001-1s
Small focus / Large focus
  • small focus (0.8) - 16kW
  • small and large focus (0.8 and 1.3) - 32kW
  • Manual, with LED light field indicator
  • +/- 120°
  • 1 mm Al + 0.1 mm Cu
  • 1 mm Al + 0.2 mm Cu
  • 2 mm Al
  • 0 mm Al
Filter select LED indication
  • Yes
High level specifications
High level specifications
  • Digital Mobile X-ray unit with wireless detector
Dimensions - In Operation (l x w x h)
  • max. 1836 mm x max. 618 mm x max. 2293 mm (max. 72.3"x max. 24.3"x max. 90.3")
Dimensions - Transport (l x w x h)
  • 1371 mm x 618 mm x 1500 mm (54"x24.3"x59")
Mains supply
  • 230V/115V, single phase, 50 Hz (60 Hz)
Mains fuse
  • 16A
Detector storage
  • One detector
  • 195 kg (430 lbs)appx
Source to floor distance
  • 416 mm to 2056 mm (16.4" to 81")
Handswitch with release button
  • Yes
  • Digital Wireless flat detector
  • Gd2O2S
Pixel size
  • 139 μm
Detector size
  • 35 cm x 43 cm (approx. 14" x 17")
Image matrix size
  • 2476 x 3072 pixels
Detector Pixels (MP)
  • 7.6
A/D conversion
  • 16 bits
  • 3.6 kg approx. (7.93 lbs)
Autonomy listen mode
  • 6 hrs
Autonomy operation mode
  • 500 acquisitions (image acquisition cycle less than 20sec)
Eleva workspot
Eleva workspot
Hard disk
  • 500 GB
Image storage
  • Typically 4,000 images
  • 19" LCD color touch screen monitor (1280 x 1024)
UNIQUE image processing
  • Yes
Battery capacity
  • 4200 mAh
Matrix depth
  • 16 bit/pixel
  • 1. MobileDiagnost M50 is not available for sale in North America