IQon Elite Spectral CT CT scanner

As the world’s first and only detector-based spectral technology, Philips IQon Elite Spectral CT is the only dual-energy solution that provides layers of true spectral data, without compromise. IQon delivers confident decision making, innovative analytics, and uncompromised workflow that dramatically impact patient management and economic outcomes.


Generator power
  • 120 kW
  • Up to 256
  • 40 mm
Rotation speed
  • 0.27 sec
Maximum scannable range
  • 2,100 mm
Bore size
  • 700 mm
Conventional reconstruction speed
  • iDose4: majority of reference protocols under 1 minute IMR: majority of reference protocols under 3
Spectral reconstruction speed*
  • 3-5 minutes for the majority of cases, enabled by HyperSight Elite Spectral Reconstructor
Spectral temporal resolution
  • Simultaneous in the same time and space