SensaVue Audio and visual display for MRI suites

An audio and visual display for entertainment and fMRI paradigm delivery within the MRI suite, SensaVue offers benefits for both the patient and clinician. With several media entertainment options available to the patient, SensaVue can help ease the MRI experience. Not limited to entertainment, SensaVue also has the ability to deliver existing and custom-designed research paradigms for neurological exams. Its flexible design allows clinicians to place the mobile stand virtually anywhere in the MRI suite up to 3.0 Tesla.


Dell Precision T3600 Tower PC Specifications
Dell Precision T3600 Tower PC Specifications
  • Four Core Xeon E5-1603, 2.8GHz, 10MB Cache
  • 4GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz (8GB Total)
Graphics Card
  • nVIDIA Quadro 600 1 GB, 1DP + 1DVI
Hard Drive
  • 250GB SATA 10K RPM
DVD +/- RW drive
  • Gigabit Ethernet network adapter
Operating System
  • Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
SensaVue Patient Display
SensaVue Patient Display
System Dimensions
  • 36” W x 36” D x 69” H
  • *license required
  • Product not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your sales representative to ascertain availability in your country.