IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 All your advanced analysis needs one comprehensive solution

IntelliSpace Portal 8.0

All your advanced analysis needs one comprehensive solution


IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 is an advanced visualization platform that offers a single integrated solution to help you work quickly and efficiently with increased diagnostic confidence – especially during reading and follow up of complex cases.

Multiple modalities, one integrated platform

Multiple modalities, one integrated platform

Existing applications, such as Multi Modality Tumor Tracking, have been enhanced to enrich clinical decision support data. New measurement and interpretation tools along with enhanced segmentation facilitate confident diagnoses. Review, edit, and analyze Philips iXR and general radiology datasets with Multi Modality Viewer (MMV). Use MR Smart Display Protocols (in MMV) to perform your analysis, save your layouts, and automatically present the case as you choose faster than before.
Multiple patient needs, one patient report

Multiple patient needs, one patient report

Add a layer of intelligence to your hospital network with VNA and HL7 integration. Reconcile disparate patient records, for example, or even integrate with your Philips Allura Interventional Suite to automatically select and launch relevant advanced analysis tools before intervention – even beyond the reading room. And with IHE initiative and ATNA profiles, you can take steps to meet evolving compliance standards and compile usage statistics.
Multiple clinical domains, one standard for diagnosis

Multiple clinical domains, one standard for diagnosis

Expand your clinical capabilities with new applications including MR Cardiac Quantitative Mapping. During your follow-ups, get rich clinical insight with new 3D quantitative tools on Multi Modality Tumor Tracking. And support your pulmonary care efforts with other additions to our portfolio such as CT Lung Nodule Assessment (LNA) and CT Lung Nodule CAD(2).
Multiple patient datasets, one unifying vision

Multiple patient datasets, one unifying vision

Advanced analysis is changing rapidly. Stay at the forefront of clinical and hospital IT innovation with Philips RightFit Service Agreements. Take advantage of new features and functions today while staying connected to a steady stream of clinical and IT innovations. These include new applications, modalities, and workflow efficiencies as well as software and optional hardware upgrades along with clinical education and training services.
Multiple advanced tools, one consistent workflow

Multiple advanced tools, one consistent workflow

Accelerate time to results with fast image transfer and enhancements including configurable pre-fetch rules and the use of WADO-RS standards. Collate patient findings into a single report and export them directly to patient reporting tools such as PowerScribe 360.

Steamline your clinical workflow

Philips IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 is an advanced visualization and analysis solution offering a single 3-step approach to give you one comprehensive overview of your patient. So you can focus on what’s most important: quick detection, confident diagnosis, and efficient follow-up. 
isp 8 image
detect quickly image v6

Focus on what’s most important in patient care

Detection, diagnosis, and follow-up – and answer questions fast. IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 handles the rest.

  • Have the right tool when you need it with a broad set of applications across multiple clinical domains
  • Obtain a multi-faceted view of your patient’s condition across multiple modalities
  • Work consistently and efficiently thanks to a unified user interface and workflow acceleration features
  • Integrate with multiple hospital systems, including your PACS*
  • Work as one with your radiology department, accessing applications from virtually anywhere and integrating multi-vendor* datasets

    * Please contact your local Philips representative for details on multi-vendor coverage.
increase your diagnostic v4

Increase your diagnostic confidence in oncology cases

Today’s oncology care decisions are more complex than ever. Caregivers need to assess the benefits and risks for each step of the care continuum while using input from multiple specialists in a care team. Now you can structure workflows around patients and care stages for clinically meaningful insights with the comprehensive portfolio of Advanced Visualization oncology solutions in IntelliSpace Portal 8.0. It’s one solution with a 3-step approach to help you detect and characterize malignancies, and perform quantification and follow-up analyses to assess treatment response.

Manage pulmonary patients with just one reading

Given the increasing interest in pulmonary care, IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 offers you one comprehensive toolset to help you track pulmonary disease from detection to follow-up. The new CT Lung Nodule Assessment (LNA) application streamlines your workflow with a comprehensive set of automatic and semi-automatic features as well as a unique risk assessment tool⁽¹⁾ for clinical decision support. Take advantage of CT Lung Nodule CAD⁽²⁾ along with other applications in the Advanced Visualization platform to perform a variety of tasks, such as measure and track COPD, detect pulmonary emboli, and perform calcium scoring.
manage pulmonary patients v4

Everyone in your organization benefits from Advanced Visualization with
IntelliSpace Portal 8.0


Clinical advances keep coming. Hospital networks keep growing. And enterprises keep adapting to business realities. Make sure your advanced visualization keeps pace – with IntelliSpace Portal 8.0. With just one platform, you can streamline clinical workflows as you drive standardization and excellence across your enterprise.

Detect, diagnose, and follow up with confidence

Deliver clinically meaningful insights for complex oncology cases
• Manage pulmonary patients in just one viewing environment
• Have the right visualization and quantification tool when you need it in cardiology, vascular, neurology, orthopedics and other domains

Simplify operations with one platform

• Promote interoperability to drive peak efficiency and collaboration across healthcare IT ecosystems

• Support scalability regional-wide deployment patterns in line with healthcare consolidation and changing needs

• Create custom solutions based on your network and market and drawing on our enterprise consulting capabilities

Turn change into an advantage

Meet all your education needs with our one-stop shop approach, including context-based, on-demand learning at your fingertips

Facilitate consistency as well as superb clinical and workflow performance through regular software maintenance

Manage evolving challenges in healthcare through our service agreements

Explore our Advanced Visualization applications

Tomorrow’s already planned for with Philips SmartPath

Upgrade your CT, MR, MI, and US workstations, and benefit from one integrated advanced visualization platform. Learn more

⁽¹⁾ Not available for sale in the US

⁽²⁾ CAD functionality not available for sale in the US

⁽³⁾ For research use only

⁽⁴⁾ Not available for sale in all countries. Please check for availability in specific countries.

⁽⁵⁾ Corridor4DM is a registered trademark of Invia, LLC.

⁽⁶⁾ Emory Cardiac Toolbox, ECTb, HeartFusion, and SyncTool are registered trademarks of Emory University.

⁽⁷⁾ NeuroQ is a trademark of Syntermed.