For Imaging Systems Service agreements

RightFit Service Agreements are designed to help you meet your service challenges and address your business priorities. Our goal is clear – to build a service solution that’s just right for you, with the right balance of relationship, value and flexibility that perfectly fits your needs.

RightFit Approach

To suit your needs

Our RightFit Service Agreements are designed to suit your needs. You’ll find a dynamic service portfolio that is based upon relationship, flexibility, and value. Relationship that gives you access to OEM expertise in collaboration with your in-house team, working alongside Philips engineers. Flexibility to annually change your agreement from comprehensive to shared service without additional fees. Flexibility with adaptable agreements to meet your changing needs. Value because you pay for what you want and need with selective coverage for strategic parts or services. Value with service agreements to fit your budget during tough economic times. RightFit is about a service solution that is just right for your needs.
Lifecycle Solutions

Improve performance over the product lifetime

Your Philips imaging systems are engineered for years of excellent quality and reliable service. Over that extensive lifecycle, we offer a range of services to help you stay at the forefront of new developments and get the most out of your day. Every Lifecycle Solutions service is managed or delivered by your Philips service engineer and is available to customers with or without an active service agreement.
RightFit Uptime

Exceptional performance

Our approach to value begins with the only Philips service agreement with a 99% uptime guarantee. You get extended weekday coverage from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., expedited parts delivery, and priority access to our regional parts depots. It provides flexible planned maintenance, Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. to midnight, and Sat, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Utilization reports, clinical education, and CEUs are all included.
Clinical Education

Customized clinical education and training

We believe clinical education is key to getting the most out of your investment. It is vital that staff stay current on the latest clinical procedures and technologies. With that in mind, our comprehensive clinical education programs are designed to support clinical excellence, increase use of advanced system features, instill physician confidence in the quality of exams, enhance workflow and productivity, and foster professional growth and teamwork – ultimately, to deliver an outstanding patient experience. A variety of educational formats designed to enhance learning are offered, including on-site, classroom, virtual, and symposia.
RightFit Protection

Robust security

Experience comfort and peace of mind with Philips RightFit Service Agreement Protection, the perfect way to keep your systems securely operational. This robust plan includes a 98% uptime guarantee and strategic parts coverage to protect your systems most at-risk parts. Take advantage of earliest next-day parts shipping and extended weekday coverage from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., including after hours Planned Maintenance.*
Customer Care Solutions Center

For expert support

RightFit Service Agreements include 24/7 access to the USA-based location of our Customer Care Solutions Center. We provide prompt connection to technical and clinical expertise, remote delivery of support and informatics via state-of-the-art technology systems, and fast technical diagnosis and resolution. The Philips Customer Care Solutions Center is a hub for quality, compliance and clinical training, focused on improving the customer experience.
RightFit Primary

Flexible advantage

Tailor your service coverage to meet your business requirements with PhilipsRightFit Service Agreement Primary. It offers 98% uptime guarantee, on-site response, and parts delivery to provide dependable performance. Pick and choose from our full range of coverage options, including Transition Assist. Take advantage of lower pricing in exchange for reduced uptime and response times.**
RightFit Value

Basic care

When you want to stretch your service budget, the ideal choice is Philips RightFit Service Agreement Value. This basic plan is an economic-minded offering designed to help control your costs. It provides full parts coverage to preserve equipment quality and performance. You get a bank of labor hours** to cover all corrective maintenance***. It includes planned maintenance to sustain OEM standards on equipment.
RightFit Support

Cooperative relationship

Philips is committed to supporting your in-house engineers with Philips RightFit Service Agreement Support. We’ll give them secure access to OEM parts and technical expertise and unlimited second-response labor. Full coverage for critical parts is provided (PET crystals, photomultiplier tubes, MR cryogens, and coils). RightFit Support also offers options for strategic parts coverage, parts and labor pools, and premium value-added services.
RightFit Assist

Core reinforcement

With Philips RightFit Service Agreement Assist, we can create a customized service agreement that meets the specific needs of your facility. It provides strategic parts, labor, or a combination of both parts & labor pools to reduce expenses. Parts pools are available for multiple systems. OEM-designed and certified training is available to develop your in-house team expertise.
  • * Available to customers in remote areas
  • ** Number of labor hours varies by modality
  • *** Travel does not impact bank of labor hours
  • Not available for Multi-Vendor Service.