SkyPlate Wireless portable X-ray detectors

Enhance your DR workflow with a wireless portable X-ray detector that can be shared across our radiography systems. SkyPlate cassette-sized wireless portable detectors give you untethered access to a wide variety of patient applications.

Easy positioning for smooth workflow || Easy positioning for smooth wo

Easy positioning for smooth workflow

SkyPlate detectors set an industry standard for lightweight Xray detector design allowing for easy, comfortable positioning, especially for difficult anatomical views. Use of our wireless portable X-ray detectors supports fast exams and high patient throughput.
Flexible performance with two sizes || Flexible performance with two

Flexible performance with two sizes

SkyPlate detectors come in two sizes for flexible performance. The large SkyPlate is perfect for free exams and in OR tables, whereas the smaller SkyPlate is tailor-made for common incubators as well as adult shoulder, skull, and extremity views.
Share it between systems || Share it between systems

Share it between systems

For flexibility and cost effectiveness, you can easily share the SkyPlates between our latest DR system releases. There are plenty of sharing options available, which can enhance detector, system, and room utilization. The smaller-sized SkyPlate is particularly useful for sharing due to its specialized application range.
Superb quality, rugged durability || SkyPlate and SkyFlow

Superb quality, rugged durability

Our SkyPlate portable Xray detectors are based on amorphous silicon with cesium iodide technology, which provides high image quality and excellent dose efficiency. Both SkyPlates feature a rugged design, allowing for cable-free handling and positioning.
SkyPlate and SkyFlow team to make you... || Share it between systems

SkyPlate and SkyFlow team to make your work flow

Your clinician always decides whether or not to use a grid. If they choose not to, our SkyFlow technology can provide grid-like image contrast without actually using one. Combine the large SkyPlate X-ray detector with SkyFlow, and your staff will be able to work quickly and conveniently, avoiding the time and effort of attaching and detaching a grid.
Smart accessories for ease of use || SkyPlate and SkyFlow

Smart accessories for ease of use

SkyPlate's smart accessories further reduce your physical involvement: a moveable SkyPlate holder, a bed SkyPlate holder, and a portable panel protector to do weight bearing exams for patients weighing up to 226 kg (500 lbs.).